Can't Access Network Segment Over OpenVPN

  • I have my network setup such that my various network devices operate on 10.0.100.x

    I have designated thru as clients that are routed through a NordVPN gateway.

    When I am on my LAN, clients with an address such as can access without issue. The .100 exits on my WAN gateway and the .92 exits on my NordVPN gateway.

    I have an OpenVPN for remote access into my network. This is configured to run on 10.0.101.x When I connect to the OpenVPN, I am assigned an address like and I am able to access my non-Nord clients such as without issue. In turn, can access the client connected to OpenVPN. What I cannot make work is getting the OpenVPN clients to access anything in the through range.

    I'm looking for some assistance from someone smarter than me (namely anyone who is still reading at this point!). I'm sure its something simple that I'm missing like setting up a firewall rule to allow the traffic to pass to the OpenVPN client instead of being kicked out the Nord Gateway, but i've made several attempts and haven't gotten it to work.

    Here are my current Firewall rules.

    Any advice is appreciated!



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