SRCDS (Half life 2 server setup not working)!

  • So ok here goes, I tried setting up a source dedicated server and it's like not working. So the game servers runs on port 27016. So I set up the NAT like this:

    Then I saw that thread where you have to do some outbound port thing so it looks like this:

    The reason you see 27016 and 27017 is because I am hosting aLeft 4 dead server and an obsidian conflict server(hl2 mod) the obsidian conflict server runs on port 27016 while the left 4 dead one runs on 27017.
    So then inside one of them it looks like this, so shouldn't it work? But I can't see the server in the server browser >.<

    Also I don't think people can connect to them at all, like I asked my friend to do connect myip:27017 in console for my left 4 dead server and he couldn't join so like what's going on? It's not the firewall on the server that's causing the problem btw. Also the nat reflection box is unchecked in the advanced system settings.

  • So I went in NAT again and went to outbound, and deleted those 2 new rules I made but I clicked the auto generated rule and selected static port… still no go.
    Also I found out people can't join my server even if they directly type in my ip address? But why is that? Is there something I'm missing? It didn't matter if my server's firewall was on or off. The thing is that server has VMS that run like apache or something, and they port forwarded fine. But I disabled nat reflection is that a problem? I really need help guys :(

    Also I should mention that when I just setup pfsense I went to server 2k8 R2.

  • Hmm well people joined my server when it was hosted on port 27015, hmm not working on any others for some reason… I think.

  • Are you really certain, that the server was actually running on 27017.
    I think i remember something that if you misswrite something in the config file, the server jsut starts with the default value (which would be in this case 27015).

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