Is it Possible to use PFSENSE as just a Captive portal

  • Ok here is my current setup and hopefully I will explain it well enough to help the community make sense out of it.

    Cable Modem ====> IPCOP Router 1 wan 1 lan 1 wifi ====>Switch for internal network pbx etc…
                                                                            =====Switch for WIFI AP's

    i went with ipcop because I could not get my pbx and ip phones to work with pfsense so basically I want to put a pfsense box in between the wifi interface and the switch for the ap's and use it as the radius as well as the captive portal solution. any ideas on how to accomplish this?

    I would greatly appreciate any and all help thanks

  • You would need to setup pfsense with a wan and a lan then setup captive portal accounts. After that you would assign captive portal to the LAN interface.

    On your original issue with getting your PBX to work behind pfSense. I am the developer of the FreeSWITCH package for pfSense and before that I used Asterisk behind pfSense.

    To get a PBX to work behind pfSense you can need to setup Advanced outbound NAT at Firewall -> NAT -> Advanced Outbound NAT and set it to 'static'. For best result use pfSense 1.2.3 RC1 which has a change in it to maintain UDP connections alive. Another change that is needed is to setup System -> Advanced -> Firewall Optimization -> Conservative. If the phone system is behind NAT then you need to make NAT Port Forward entries for SIP and RTP. Then make sure the Rules are setup correctly most likely this would be created when you create the NAT Port Forward entries.

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