Bulk create OpenVPN client

  • Hello,

    Is there any existing script who permits bulk creation of OpenVPN client (without using Web interface) ?

    We need to have the possibility add per batch of 50 clients.



  • No ... and yes.

    Using the GUI : no solution but click click click.
    Not using the GUI : You are the limiting factor of possibilities.

    First : Create one or two users manually.
    Do a config export, Diagnostics > Backup & Restore >Backup & Restore
    Consider exporting OpenVPN (server users) only.

    Yo wind up having an xml file with the correct format.
    Now, you can script as much as you want.
    You only have to respect the XML format.

    Import the file.
    Check for results.

    edit : if you are using certs as an identification, things will get a little bit more complicated, but the principal stays the same.

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