OpenVPN Network/NAT - redundancy/routing

  • Hi,

    I have a network with static IP (public webservers and so on) and an internal network that is accessible through OpenVPN. But I'm unsure if I'm doing it correct. If you look at my drawing, so will the entire local network go down if OpenVPN-server goes down - and also my nat of the public ip from the pfSense to the same servers.

    Why can't I set Server2 to have the pfSense LAN (.3.10) as default gw IP - so that Server2 will still work in case of downtime of my OpenVPN server? It is a mystery to me.

    If I add another server, I always have to set the 3.1 as gw unless I add manual route on each windows or linux-server. Shouldn't pfsense be able to route this - I have the static route in pfSense that should find the next hop/gw as you see in drawing? I have done all in GUI.


  • Run the OpenVPN servers on pfSense and run pfSense in HA if you need redundancy.

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