OPT1 as second LAN

  • Hello to everybody! First of all
    I want to turn the OPT1 interface into a second LAN. This is my settings:
    WAN: public ip

    i have added this rules to the firewall setting OPT1 page:
    Proto  Source  Port  Destination  Port  Gateway  Schedule  Description
    *          OPT1 net  *  *                    *      *                     Default OPT1 -> any

    so i can surf the web. The problem is i cannot ping the machines in OPT1 from LAN (OPT1->LAN is ok). So i added this rule
    *          LAN net  *  OPT1 net            *      *              LAN -> OPT1

    but i can't still ping the machines in the OPT1 subnet. Please, can you tell me my mistake?

  • Your second rule is reduntant.
    The default rule already includes this case.

    Did you make sure on the machine you're trying to ping, you have the firewall disabled/allow pings ?

  • ok, you can kill me beacuse windows firewall turn himself on without notice, but i still stucked in this scenario.

    LAN -> OPT1 ok
    OPT1 -> LAN no ping and i have to add this rule

    *  OPT1 net  *  LAN net  *  *      OPT1 -> LAN

    plus, i can't surf the web anymore from OPT1 subnet

  • Yes you can no longer go to the internet, because your rule doesnt allow access to "any".
    Just have a rule on OPT1 similar to the rule on LAN:

    *      OPT1 net      *      *      *      *            OPT1 -> any

    Have you tried to look at the firewall log to see if something gets blocked?

  • Thanks, now it works!

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