Failed Paypal/Sagepay transaction-How to identify the relevant log entries?

  • Novice needing help please!

    I recently had problems completing an online transcation.

    Using paypal proceeded normally but stalled at a point where it appeared to redirect me to sagepay resulting in a blank/black screen.

    Trying the same transaction using card details alone ended the same way with a redirect to sagepay and a blank screen.

    Three different browsers ended with the same result.

    The only clue I had with one of the browsers was a problem with a self signed certificate being rejected.

    The blunt solution was to switch off pfBlockerNG and the transaction went through fine.

    I don't have/haven't had any problems with other online merchants before now.

    I've perused the logs and nothing jumps off the page at me.

    Any pointers please, as to where I should be looking and how to identify it would be gratefully received.



  • Hi,

    Look at the pfBlockerNG-devel Reports page. Look at the Alerts and DNSBL lists. Look for the IP your device us using, and then a destination that should have a relation with this "sagepay " (whatever that is).

    Note : Feeds used by pfBlockerNG are created by humans like you and me - most often 'just for fun and to help the community'. They could be useful for some one, contain IP's that shouldn't be blocked for others. It's NOT an exact science.

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