WAN Rules

  • Hi, im complete new to pfBlockerNG, i just followed the initial wizard and completed it. I have three quick questions.

    1. I selected my Inbound and Outbound interface. I see an added firewall rule (with the "pfB_PRI1_v4" alias) to the LAN (outbound) interface, but no added rule on the Inbound (WAN) interface. I checked the config (Firewall>pfBlockerNG>IP) and i can confirm the WAN interface is selected and set as Block. Should i just create a manual WAN rule to block anything from the "pfB_PRI1_v4" alias.

    2. Is the "pfB_PRI1_v4" alias a merged list of all Feeds?

    3. I obtained a free "MaxMind" licenses key. How can i confirm it workes?

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