[BUG] 1.2.3RC1 - RRD Graphs for Queues

  • Hey,

    I imagine that this has everything to do with the issues I've been having with the Queue status page, and the Traffic Shaper in general, but I figured I'd post the results vs the expected results and see what the gurus say:

    I re-installed pfSense 1.2.3RC1 from scratch (several times), set up insterfaces, and all the normal stuff.  Then I run the traffic shaper wizard, no hiccups.

    Expected results would be:

    Queue Status:  Single entry for each queue
    RRD Graphs:  Graphs!

    Actual results (see images):

    Duplicate queue entries on Status>Queues.  One copy of the queue does not show traffic.  Often it is the queues listed at bottom that work.
    RRD Graphs do not show… anything after the first edit of the traffic shaping rules.  No errors are seen in system logs.  All other graphs work fine.

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