ntopng stopped: getting Can't be reached

  • Had a power outage and got the error. is my LAN IP
    pfsense 2.3.2
    ntopng 0.8.6-1

    When I select ntopg (under diagnostics) it shows the url:

    Under Package Manager I did the "reinstall" completed successfully but that didn't seem to make any difference
    Under Package Manager it is the only package installed but it has a foot note;
    "Package is configured but not (fully) installed"

    Had this same thing happen a couple months ago but it resolved itself. It still had the not fully installed warning but it did work.

    I've not updated the pfsense for quite some time. When I got a good mule, plowing deep, I just let him plow. And besides: my pfsense has been working so good I hate to fix it.

    Maybe now is the time to upgrade?

  • Current version of pfSense 2.4.5, improvements are not in vain.
    We can help then, if we are talking about the current version. ☺ ✋

  • The only upgrade option for my Netgate Pfsense box was 2.3.4-RELEASE-p1
    so I did that and my ntopng started working again
    My network was down for 9 minutes.
    Can't do that again till the overnight this weekend. Too many depending on it for working from home.

    should I upgrade to Version 2.4.2_1 which is now available?
    Looks like the upgrades have dependencies and can only be done in sequence.
    Wonder how many I'll have to do to get current?

  • Probably, moreover in fact you will need to perform a clean installation, as you will not find any old releases in the repository for the step-by-step upgrade.
    Good advice, never postpone updates, a lot of such cases can be found here in the forum and always, crying is over. 😢

  • thank you

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