pfsense and Virtual box

  • hi all,

    i am running to Pfsense captive portal with 1800 clients(voucher)
    i am planning to run pfsense with virtual box install on window 7 with hardware specs corei7, 16GB RAM and 240 GB SSD

    plz guide its good idea or does it effect performance or anything else

  • Is this some kind of joke?
    Windows 7 is an eol OS
    Virtualbox has quite some overhead.
    In general it is a bad idea. at least from the availiability point of view.
    If resources are adequate depends on what else the host os is doing.

    How much do you value 1800 angry voucher holders?

  • @netblues dear plz suggest the host os which is has easy GUI and easy to use for me...

  • @ishtiaqaj pfsense doesn't have a gui. It uses a web interface which runs on your favorite desktop os.
    Install it standalone on a barebone pc.
    Or install it on a proper virtualisation server.

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