multiple html files? (different languages)

  • Hi!

    I sent our translation "team" to translate our captiveportal page to several languages. I have now received several HTML pages (copies of the original english one) that I have uploaded via File Manager. According to the documation I should be able to link to the files uploaded via File manager but it's not possible to click the language links from the main cp-page (links to cp_site_spanish.html, cp_site_french.html etc) - you get re-directed to the original cp-page no matter what you link to on locally.

    The only way to make this work is to do it in PHP then? My PHP skills are weak at best and I don't have the time to learn how to do it right now from scratch (if it's not easy to do in the current index.php page).
    We do not use username/password - only an informational site with Accept button to login.

    Any tips would be helpful!

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