Firewall rules for Captive Portal

  • Hi All
    Please accept my apologies as I know this has been asked before but the answers given do not apply to my situation..

    I use pFsense at home, plugged straight into a simple switch (which I also have a basic Wi-Fi mesh network connected, as well as various LAN cables).

    I would like to use firewall rules on authenticated CP users (I.e. my kids!) who have known IP addresses... (and different rules for IP addresses not going through the CP because they are listed as “pass” MAC addresses on the CP page)

    My Wi-Fi / switch are basic home use and do not directly support VLans (which was solution given previously)..

    Is there any way to do this please ?

    Many thanks

  • Rebel Alliance


    For users connected to the switch, It is very possible to apply firewall rules to connected captive portal users (or to IP addresses not going through the CP because listed as "pass"). No specific thing to say here...I mean In order to do that you just to set up the firewall rules on the LAN interface, and to setup the captive portal on the same LAN interface

    For users connected to the wifi.... I don't really know much about wifi mesh/adhoc mode... So i can't really guide you for this (sorry)

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