After LOGIN, redirecting me back to login page again. [SOLVED]

  • I have pfsense as a node on the way to my internet gateway.   There are many subnets on the LAN side. LAN –-> PFSense ---> Internetz

    The Problem: Me and my partner are testing the portal. When he opens it, he can log in and go on to browsing ( RADIUS/Local/No auth --> they all work).  But when I log in, no matter what authentication I use, I get redirected back to the login page again. No matter what i do I cant get past the login page. If i type the INCORRECT login details, it tells me that its incorrect, but with the correct details it basically just refreshes the login page.

    Please Help,
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    I noticed a problem with redirecting users after they have logged in through the captive portal. I did see a ticket for it, but no answer.
    Once authenticated the redirection page just keeps looping/loading without going anywhere. I fixed this by replacing:


    in /usr/local/captiveportal/index.php with:


    (should be around line 368). Seems to be working fine now.
    Oh, this is in pfSense 1.2.2. Not sure if it's been fixed yet.

  • opened in vi. edited. saved. rebooted.

    Still does the same thing :(

  • Ok, I solved it. The PC i was testing it was first going through a Mikrotik Hotspot page, before logging into the Pfsense Captive portal. Upon disabling the hotspot, the portal worked.

    This doesnt really make anyway sense to me, but seeing as though we are disabling the Mikrotik Captive Portal to use the Pfsense one, it doesn't really matter

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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