After upgrade to 2.4.5 HAproxy doesn't work by outside ( WAN) traffic

  • Hi

    After upgrade to pfsense 2.4.5 HAproxy doesn't work by outside (WAN) traffic, but by internal traffic ( LAN) it is working well.

    Previously, my pfsense version was 2.4.4, and HAproxy worked by internet WAN traffic, also I created rule in WAN for open (port 443 and 80)..In any case after upgrade I have problem by HAproxy

    I reinstalled the HAproxy 0.60_4
    Also Install HAproxy-devel 0.60_6

    But there is the same problem
    Is this a bug?

    Thanks advance

  • @reza3sw
    If its working on the inside, it should work on the outside.. there is no functional difference between the two.. I have not heard of similar issues so far..

    Can you check in diagnostics/sockets that haproxy is listening on the correct wan-ip : port ? Can you check with tcpdump that traffic from outside is actually arriving at pfSense?

  • Thanks for reply.
    Yes I checked socket and HAproxy was listening on 80 and 443.. But I don't know why there is problem..
    When I use my ip address in browser from internet on port 80 or 443 , I can see Error page in port 80 and 443 is open but I use . it is not response and error in page..anywhere on my old pfsense (2.4.4) I didn't have problem..when I update my pfsense to 2.4.5 .....

    I changed acme certificate and domain...and reinstall package...but no answer

    I'm confused ... maybe it's a dream 😀

  • what about the HAProxy State page? Backend Server green or any error?

  • @enthu19. Hi.

    State page is like this image alt text

  • I found the problem. It happened because the CA revoked..I deleted manually CA in cert manager and renew certificate in acme...also in frontend selected that certificate

  • i have the same problem, but doesnt seem to what reza3sw said. though seen i found it to stop working, i have had a change in internet service provider, and having a dual wan, i edited 1 of those for the new service. i did have a config backup a couple mpnths old that in a test i uploaded that on the new pfsense version, and it works.

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