Site to Site VPN with two pfSense high latency

  • I have two pfSense running 2.4.5-p1 connected with Site to Site OpenVPN pretty straight forward (AES256, SHA512). Both machines have a Connection with at least 50 MBit/s up/down. Everything runs fine but after traffic is routed through the tunnel, the latency goes high (200ms+). WAN connection stays at below 10ms. CPU usage is at 20-30%, RAM is also more than enough.
    I don't get it why this happens and what machine is causing this issue.

    Any ideas? The log is empty.


  • OK I figured out that its because the speed stucks at around 10 MBits. Last week it was 50. What happened here? The connection speed is fine. Only the tunnel is affected. I also tested UDP, same result.

  • This is the result uploading data from my pfSense to the other:

    Bild Text

    The other direction (downloading from the other pfSense) the speed is fine. So it's just that one direction. But why?

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