pfSense reboot OpenVPN startup

  • Hello all,

    On 2.4.5-p1 I noticed when I reboot the pfSense box (standalone unit) the OpenVPN Client I have configured has a green tick next to the Service Status on the dashboard and I can see a valid IP under Interfaces, however, under Gateways the VPN says 100% packetloss.

    My clients configured to use the VPN (selective routing) confim they are not using the OpenVPN service.

    Once I press on the OpenVPN Client restart service button it comes on fine and stays on until I reboot the pfSense box.

    I never noticed this behavour on previous releases but not sure if I ever paid attention as I rarely need to reboot the pfSense box.

    How can I diagnose why the OpenVPN Client does not start automatically? Does it need some sort of startup delay adding?

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    You should see something in the logs why it's not starting.


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