Disk Full

  • I just got a error message that my 10 GB partition that my pfsense server is running on is full.  what can I do to clear up some disk space?

    built on Tue May 12 17:20:23 EDT 2009
    FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p5 i386

    What I am running on the server:
    AutoConfigBackup  Services  1.15
    Avahi  Network Management  0.6.25
    Dashboard  System
    HAVP antivirus  Network Management  0.88_05
    Notes  Status  0.2.4
    nmap  Security  4.76
    phpSysInfo  System  2.5.4
    vnstat  Network Management  1.6.3

    I don't what this system to crash, what can we do?

  • Have you ever had squid installed?

    SSH into the box and check under /var/squid/cache

    If squid's definitely not installed now, rm -fr /var/squid/cache (at the very least).

    You could look for very large files with "find / -type f -size +10M".

    I also find that clamav keeps very large files around under /var/db/clamav - you should be able to "rm -fr /var/db/clamav/clamav-*"

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It must be a package causing that, as there is no way the base system of pfSense would fill up a disk even if it tried.

    You can narrow it down at the console by typing:

    du -k -d 1 / | sort -nr

    That will list the directories on pfsense based on their current contents, with the largest first. You can then cd to the largest directory and repeat that command, and see where that leads.

  • ClamAV was the culprit.  ;D  I was holding 80% of the disk space hostage with log files.

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