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    In order to have 50 teleworkers connect all at once (during a WFH situation scenario) using a 40/40 line, what do you suggest? Not use OpenVPN at all and use IPSec? What hardware type (a dedicated server grade computer with AES-NI capable Xeon CPUs, or a hardware appliance?

    Their main usage is to access Office mainly files from the internal file server along with an ERP software.

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    You can easy max out a 40/40 line with either OpenVPN or IPsec, the bottleneck here is the pipe, not the VPN solution.
    For business stuff I'd always go for a Netgate box:
    With your key feature only VPN (you did not mention anything else) even the SG-1100 can easy do 40/40 OpenVPN traffic.


  • @Rico
    do you think the SG1100 can really handle 50 simultanious connection / users

    if thats true i m gonna love that box a little bit more ;)

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    I'd rephrase the question.... is 40/40 Mbps enough for his 50 users? If the answer is yes, sure the SG-1100 would handle this.
    In the real world you have to deal with different problems...there is at minimum this one sales-dude and his 1.5GB powerpoint files (100 pages with pictures) eating all your VPN bandwidth, while the other 49 people calling the IT support because the ERP is so slow.
    So with 50 users I'd say you need at very least 100/100 Mbps these days for the hub, the more the merrier...your pipe is rarely too beefy. 😊


  • @Rico
    yes true
    was more concerned about cpu ad the SG1100 for 50 users

    and yes theses sales teams ..... ;)

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    Well the SG-1100 does ~900 Mbps routing so I would not see a big problem.
    Sure it's always best to have some resources left.


  • You want more headroom, go for the SG-3100.
    Just in case there are data junkies among the users and you have to upgrade to GBit WAN.

    But 50 Users are handled by the SG-1100 pretty well, but don't forget to use the Traffic Shaping functions.

  • @NOCling said in Teleworker fast VPN:

    Traffic Shaping

    thanks wasnt on my radar so far ...

    ~900Mbps routing and 50VPN Users is a pretty cool with the SG1100

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