VRRP not setting mac address on vmxnet3 dpdk_add_del_mac_address: mac address add/del failed: -95

  • Hi,
    I'm getting tnsr to work with our network, unfortunetely I have issues with vrrp
    vpp cannot set mac address to interface.
    As in title we're using vmware deployment, interfaces are vmxnet3 with default igb_uio uio-driver

    vnet[129493]: vrrp_vr_transition:251: VR [0] sw_if_index 1 VR ID 7 IPv4 transitioning to Master
    vnet[129493]: vrrp_vr_transition_addrs:206: Adding VR addresses on sw_if_index 1
    vnet[129493]: vrrp_vr_transition_vmac:123: Adding virtual MAC address 00:00:5e:00:01:07 on hardware interface 1
    vnet[129493]: dpdk_add_del_mac_address: mac address add/del failed: -95

  • eu também estou com problemas vrrp vpp mac interface.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The VMware vmxnet3 PMD does not support setting virtual MAC addresses, which is currently required in order for VPP's VRRP plugin to work properly.

    You might be able to work around it by manually going into vppctl and setting promiscuous mode on the interface directly there, but there isn't a vpp API function to set that yet, so TNSR can't set it automatically.

  • @mski your type of vnic driver is just not compatible with it.

    Check this out for more info:

    Afaik VMware is also capable of the intel e1000 vnic which uses the igb driver.


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