Wireless bridge question

  • I have 2 pf boxes that I want to use as a wireless bridge.

    I configured them: 
    BOX1  wan192.168.1.130/24 lan192.168.1.131/24, WAN Gateway, mode access point
    BOX2 wan192.168.1.132/24 lan192.168.1.133/24, WAN Gateway, mode infrastructure

    On both boxes, LAN's are bridged with their WAN interfaces.  I've unchecked the "block private networks" on both boxes.

    The boxes do connect wirelessly, however i can not ping across the wireless link.

    What might I be doing wrong?

  • You can only bridge on an accesspoint, but not on a wireless-client.
    –> It's not possible to set up a wireless bridge.

    You will have to resort to a routed scenario.

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