3rd Party VPN and OpenVPN

  • I was thinking about subscribing to a 3rd party VPN like Nord or ExpressVPN. I already have OpenVPN setup for remote access to my network over which I connect to network resources and use things like RDP for unattended access. I heard it was possible to setup a 3rd party VPN on PFsense itself an tunnel all of the traffic from my home. I just want to make sure that if I do this, I can still connect to my network over OpenVPN. I am aware that if this works, I will be slowing my speed down back to my house as my traffic will be running through two tunnels.


  • Of course your road warrior VPN will still work. You can run multiple OpenVPN instances on pfSense.
    If you want you can also route the road warrior VPN clients upstream traffic out through the VPN providers tunnel.

  • That would be awesome. About how badly with that throttle my performance would you think? I only do basic web browsing at work where I would see the double tunneling scenario so I can't imagine it would throttle me enough to make that impossible.

  • @dmd1234498
    No, that's not noteworthy if the VPN server isn't at the other side of the globe. There are only some more hops to the webserver.

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