Firewall Logs no longer showing rule names

  • All entries are now showing a code/binary instead of the rule name. Similar to the field in a raw filter log. You'll see below that the rules definitely have descriptions.

    2020-06-24 (1).png
    2020-06-24 (2).png

  • "11000" :

    # Not installing DHCP server firewall rules for WAN which is configured for DHCP.
    # block bogon networks (IPv4)
    block in  quick on $WAN from <bogons> to any tracker 11000 label "block bogon IPv4 networks from WAN"

    Some one upstream is asking you (your pfSense) for DHCP indo ...
    Probably the upstream WAN 'local' network that behave like the old cable modem based networks : DHCP from everywhere to everybody.

    You're right : it should log "block bogon IPv4 networks from WAN" (if "label" is the line to log ...)

    You might as well make default "hidden final block rules logging "shut up".

    "1000000101" :

    Strange, it looks like a default hidden rule - but it isn't.

    I just activating logging on my only LAN firewall rule :


    The result was :


    Does it fail intermittently ?

  • I'm not concerned about what is being logged. (I had log bogon on, then turned it off.) I'm concerned that the Rule name has disappeared.

    e.g. why is it saying 11000 instead of saying 'block bogon...' in the Rule column? Is this the case for all default rules?

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