IPv6 Alerts all of a sudden in Suricata

  • Hi,

    I started getting all of a sudden IPv6 alerts on all my interfaces in Suricata.

    I could find anything in any part of the configuration that may have started causing these alerts. All my interfaces IPv6 configuration type is set to none.

    I decided to revert back to an older backup file i had made serveral week back but I am still get the alerts.

    Does someone have any suggestions on how to remove these alert from showing up.



  • If you don't want to see the alert, then disable that rule. Click the red X under the GID:SID column and that rule will be disabled.

    If you want to figure out why the alerts suddenly started showing up, then you need to examine any changes to your network environment such as a new device being added or someone downloading and installing a new or updated piece of software.

    As the alert message states, this alert is coming from multicast traffic from some device on your network.

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