Default block packets on some intervlan

  • Hello, I have done a good bit of searching and found various similar posts but that don't seem to match my issue or the fix.

    We have just installed the firewall, and have a lot of VLANs, all clearly seperately subnetted. We have issues with 2 groups so far VLAN 30 (our server hosted VPN range) and VLAN 450 (network device management range).

    Users on the VPN can connect fine, they get an IP on the VLAN 30 IP range and can ping hosts as normal on our server VLAN 400. Pings return etc, when they try to access a network share they are unable and it is showing in the Firewall log as being Blocked from Server IP to Client IP by "Block drop in log inet all label 'Default deny rule IPv4'".

    However, VPN clients can access SMB share on servers on VLAN 410. And the all other traffic appears to be working across VLANs.

    The firewall is the gateway for all the VLANs.

    Also our old core switch (HP) when I ssh into this, I get the same Blocks in the firewall and I lose connection with ssh. This is on VLAN 450, other switches on that VLAN 450 I can connect and do not have an issue with.

    Can anyone advise what I might have misconfigured for this to occur?


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