LAGG with VLAN configuration between Pfsense and Edgeswitch Lite

  • Hi, Everyone.

    I am new with Pfsense and willing to learn. I am currently trying to setup a pfsense box connecting to a Edgeswitch Lite with LAGG and VLAN configured. But the two device seems do not sync to each (apologies if term I am using is not correct). Machine connected behind the switch cannot get DHCP or if setup a static address, it cannot reach the pfsense. Below is the configuration I did on both Pfsense and EdgeSwitch Lite:

    Here is my configuration in Pfsense

    • Under Interfaces > LAGGs: created LAGG0 and the members are igb2 and igb3
    • Under Interfaces > VLANs: created VLAN 10 to 50 binding to Interface lagg0
    • Under Interfaces > Interface Assignments: Added VLAN 10 to 50
    • Under Firewall > Rules > NameofeachVLANS: added the rule action: passsource:nameofvlan net port:any Destination:any
    • Under System > Advanced > System Tunables: added with a value of 0

    Here are my configuration in EdgeSwitch Lite
    - Under Swtiching > Port Channel > Summary: made sure 0/23 and 0/24 is member of Interface 3/1
    - Under Swtiching > Port Channel > Summary: configured 3/1 to have Static Mode to disable
    - Under VLAN > Port Configurationy Interface 0/23, 0/24 and 3/1 (LAGG) are configured as Tagged on VLAN ID 10,20,30,40 and 50

    Please let me know what I did wrong or if you need more information I am willing to provide more information. Thank you in advance for the help.

  • I think setting the interface 3/1 to Trunk under Switching > VLAN > Switch Port Summary may have resolved the issue. It allowed my DHCP from the firewall to traverse to the VLAN. I will further test this when I get more time.

    This may have been a switch config issue and not the firewall. Apologies for posting this issue in the netgate forum.

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