dynamic_refresh pattern collaborative effort request

  • so, if this is not allowed, then first off I appologize, but presuming it is allowed, given it directly pertains to the squid proxy package for pfsense, I'm gonna ask and presume if its not that this shall be deleted, without further wasted time, here goes:

    so, I had a heck of a time online finding useful squid dynamic_refresh patterns to go off of and use, so I figured that in the best interest of everyone else including myself that uses pfsense and or squid, that I would try and make a public collaborative effort at documenting useful dynamic_refresh patterns publicly for both my own usage, and the usage of anyone else wanting to help and or use these, so I made a github repo to publicly catalogue this information, however, I'm knowledgeable enough to know I have no clue what I am doing half the time haha...

    anyways, I'm babbling: I have a github repo that I would like help filling with useful dynamic_refresh patterns for use in squid proxy, and I also dont know the first thing about if these work legitimately or not, so if anyone would be able to help me with this effort at publicly documenting useful patterns, I would be hugely appreciative, as would I believe a lot of other people out there. for starters however, I dont really admittedly know how to use or even configure github outside of what I have done so far with the repo, and would like assistance if anyone else finds this a useful thing to contribute to, I'll let you all decide that one for yourselves. the repo is (per my understanding of the licensing at least) gpl v3, or what I want it to be at least, is totally free for anyone and everyone to use, adapt, change, add to or modify given all I'm after is spreading the info and want nothing from it other than the info to be easy to access to anyone that wants it. however, I learn by trial and error, and don't know enough about this stuff to know if it works as I have it or not, thus my posting this thread asking for aid in this endeavor!

    the github: https://github.com/mmd123/squid-cache-dynamic_refresh-list

    I also posted this on reddit on these two links if those are helpful or not:


    if anyone can help me with this goal, I would be seriously grateful and happy, I can tinker with things and test things, but outside of that and extensive research, I cannot honestly say that I'd be able to reliably tell you one way or another if it actually does what I think it does or not, that much I am fully confident in stating. 95% of what I know I self taught over the years, whether or not that means its correct info and knowledge, well, I couldn't tell ya! that said, those that DO know what they are doing, are gonna be key in finding out if this information is useful or not, outside of that however, I can say what my general configuration is if needed, if anything else is needed, information or otherwise, please ask and I'll add it!

  • I am a total nitwit with github and only just now realized that although my desktop github app claimed it submitted the actual file with the stuff in it, github never got the file and it was an empty repo....thats fixed now xD


  • @viktor_g maybe something like a DOWNLOAD community refresh pattern could be added to the squid package under Dynamic and Update Content.

  • @aGeekhere I'll look into this right now actually, took me a bit longer than I'd like it to have, for me to get to this. I'll add them in and see how it goes, thank you!

    EDIT: oh my lord that's funny, that article you'd linked is one of the sources I actually did use when compiling that list that I posted in the github that I'd had in my original post haha.

    changes committed to the github, thank you again.

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