How to create a page that parses info from pfSense?

  • Hi, I'm very new to pfSense and only a couple of days ago successfully installed one for my internet cafe. I'm using a dualWAN configuration for load balancing and failover and so far it has been great.

    I have searched the forum for a way to create a page (preferably PHP) to parse info from pfSense without the need to login as admin. It is just a simple page to display the current status of my load balancing pools and a few RRD graphs. I need it so our operator can easily monitor our connections and take action when needed. Sometimes a line would drop and it can be easily fixed by resetting the modem but still it needs to be monitored to know when it happens. (Failover works fine and clients hardly notices when connections switch.) Logging as admin is overkill (and security-wise unneeded) for the task and the operator.

    Maybe I was querying the wrong terms or not looking in the right place. Can someone kindly point me to the right directions or maybe offer a similar solution for me to use?

  • Thanks, Perry. I'm taking a look into it right now. :)

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