1.2.3RC1 Won't boot after configruation file restore

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    I had a 1.2.2 box, which I used to create our companies configuration. Since we are not in production, figured it would be best to upgrade to 1.2.3 and install on a newer machine.

    Installation (Selection 99) went smoothly, keeping all the defaults.

    After first boot, it took me through the default setup wizard, and all was well.

    Then I used "restore' my old configuration using the GUI, and the box automatically resets as expected.

    It comes to the F1 boot option (which is a precursor to the default bsd options menu), and freezes. I don't see anything in the configuration file that effects the /boot partition... Before looking at the restore config code, could someone lend some suggestions?

    I tried loaded the new configuration file via the command line. Using this process found in another forum,
    vi /cf/conf/config.xml
    rm /tmp/config.cache

    I was successfully reboot the machine with the new config, but the problem now is anytime I attempt to change and save a setting in the WebUI, I get XML: no PFSense object (or something of that nature).

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