Routing issues with remote users - can't route via site 2 site

  • Hi Guys,

    Wonder if someone could give me some pointers with the issue below

    We have 2 sites on different network ranges connected via a site 2 site vpn
    All devices can access the other devices via the Site 2 Site link

    The issue is that I also have remote "dial in" vpn clients.
    If they connect to site A, they can access all of those devices, but none at the other end of the site to site link. Same if they connect to site B

    We are migrating from a Draytek site to site. Prior to the move the vpn remotes had full access as the router handled the routes. (so push routes was working)

    I suspect that I need to use iroute in the pfsense configs at either end, but I can't make sense of where or how I should do this.

    Any one got any pointers?


  • Further to my last, I should add that the route to the far end network are not pushed to the remote client even though they are set in the vpn profile for the user

  • resolved by adding the remote client subnets to the remote lan list on each end of the site to site config.

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