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  • If I have a openvpn server at location A and an openvpn client at location B set up with shared key, the users at location B will be able to access stuff at location A. But will users at location A be able to access resources at location B or do I need to set up an openvpn server at location B and client at location A? And if I need a server and client on each end - is there any issues with the same shared key?

    Basically I am wanting users in both locations to access all resources no matter which location. The pages I have seen just go through setting up one client & server.

  • Yes. You simply need to allow the traffic from the opposite side in your OpenVPN firewall rules.

    What you have is essentially a pipe between two routers.

  • Great, maybe thats why the pages I have seen only mention 1 server.


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    With IPsec, both sides can be Initiator (Client) or Responder (Server) depending on "who asks first".
    OpenVPN has a clear server/client concept. Server responds, Client asks. That's the way the connection is established.

    Other than that, both as @chpalmer said only need one setup (in OVPN one server anywhere and one client on the other side). Routing left-right and right-left are done via your setup of local/remote network settings on each side. So no need for "servers everywhere" :)

  • @JeGr Thanks. I have a user access vpn on the "server" side now and was thinking of putting the same on the "client" side as well for traveling didn't have to connect to A to get to B. I will be traveling to the other site tomorrow to finish the setup. Thanks all for the info

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