Email Notifications Not Sent

  • Hello,

    I would like to receive notifications when the WAN is down or very latent. I realize it cannot send the email while the WAN is completely down, but I would expect it to queue the notification and send when it was backup. Maybe I am off base with that assumption. I have SNMP enabled and SMTP setup with my email credentials. The test message comes through fine. I would expect the log entries below would trigger an notification email.

    Here is my SMTP config and the log showing WAN interface/gateway latency.

    Annotation 2020-07-16 074256.jpg

    Annotation 2020-07-16 074412.jpg

  • @jpvonhemel

    You're on the right way, if you don't have a WAN connection that's active, email sending doesn't work, but....

    this should work, check these out:

    your problem is to be found somewhere else 😉

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