NoVnc (websocket) session freeze.

  • Hello

    I'm seeking your help with an issue I can't get to sort out.
    Ive been googling and searching this forum for hints and solutions without any luck.

    My problem:
    I have 2 networks connected to eachother via pfsense.
    On LAN1 I have proxmox running which provides NoVNC console (remote desktop) access via websockets.
    On LAN2 I have my client (webbrowser)

    Proxmox <---> LAN1 <-------> pfsense <-----> LAN2 <-----> Webbrowser

    Starting a NoVNC session from the webbrowser to the server goes fine.
    However after +/- 60 seconds the screen freezes. Looks like the session is dropped.
    A browser window refresh reestablishes the NoVNC session, but after a while the same problem reoccurs.

    When I move my client to LAN1 (not passing pfsense) this problem does not occur.
    The NoVNC session remains open, no problem. In other words the Proxmox side is fine.

    So my conclusion is that pfsense is dropping, killing,...whatever :-) the websocket session after some period.

    pfsense version 2.4.5
    The logs show nothing ordinary.
    I don"t use the HA proxy, squid or snort packages.

    Any help is appreciated!


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