Tunnel Network ?

  • My router is a Untangle u25x whose gateway is I have a SG-3100 whose gateway is A single computer is connected to the SG-3100 whose IP Address is I want to VPN into that computer.

    I'm confused about what IPv4 Tunnel Network should be. When setting up OpenVPN I selected as the IPv4 Local Network(s).

    In the Client Export tab of OpenVPN I downloaded the Viscosity Bundle to be installed on my MacBook Pro that I will use to access the single computer connected to the SG-3100. I dragged the .conf file into the Tunnelblick icon and it wasn't able to connect.

    Any guidance on what my IPv4 Tunnel Network should be and if programmed the IPv4 Local Network(s) field correctly is appreciated.

    Thank you for looking.

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    How many freaking nats do you have, so your untangle is behind a nat? Or is 192.168.16 its lan network, and then pfsense 3100 has 192.168.9 gateway - huh? Or that is its lan network?

    Where did this 192.168.12 come from?

    Why don't you draw up this network, so everyone can see exactly how everything is connected and your 57 nats your behind. The local network in your vpn setup would be the network that your client is on that you want to get to, which normally would be the lan of pfsense. Your tunnel network would be a network that does not overlap with your remote clients local network, nor your pfsense lan network where the client is you want to get to..

    Personally - I would get rid of untangle and just replace your untangle with pfsense, and make sure that pfsense gets a public IP on its wan so your only doing 1 nat between the internet and networks behind pfsense.

  • Thank you, johnpoz. I screwed up with the OpenVPN IP address. I will replace the Untangle router with the pfsense SG-3100.

    Thanks for your help.

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