Connection Speeds max at 700kbs

  • Hi all. I am very new openvpn and set up my first server on pfsense this week.

    I followed Lawrence Systems Tutorial: pfsense OpenVPN Configuration For Remote Users 2020 YouTube tutorial and things seemed to go great. I can connect to my pfsense and unraid server while away from home.

    The problem I am having is connection speeds essentially hard capped at 700kbs. It very rarely goes any more then 3-4kbs faster or slower when transferring larger files. Its as if somehow its being limited.

    This happens when connecting at multiple locations not on a single network. My home network has a consistent 200mbs connection, and both remote locations connected from have similar speeds.

    What could be causing this hard data cap?

  • @bomburly Even my plex server is capping video quality at 712kbps.. And this is through the PLEX app without the openVPN server active.

    It seems like a pfsense issue or maybe even a unraid issue?

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