CP Issue longer hours of timeout

  • i have been running CP for years and tried to do clean install CP on 2.4.5 however I saw an issue like example I created a 120 min voucher, it was activated 5:51 am and it timed out 3:52 pm !

    anything changed when it comes to this? before, the clock starts ticking when its first activated. now it looks like it only timeout when the user used the whole duration they are only active

  • @chanrio13 said in CP Issue longer hours of timeout:

    before, the clock starts ticking when its first activated.

    Normally, that is still the case.
    A user that uses a voucher at 05h51 will get thrown of the portal at 07h51, not 15h52 (sorry, Europe here) - if the voucher was valid for 120 minutes or two hours.
    I'll test one right now - and report back in 120 minutes or so with my findings.

    Top chrono 120 minutes :


  • Here you go :


    13 seconds to late.

    But 120 minute sis 120 minutes.

  • I have reviewed and its true its timing out on correct hour. however i think it has something to do with timezone since I changed the timezone. captive portal login uses the default timezone and co timeout uses the system timezone. lol

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