Help Config Aruba IAP VLANs

  • Hello, i recently acquired an Aruba IAP-205 access point. It is capable of VLANs so I’m trying to set that up but I’m not quite getting it.


    With this setup I can reach the internet from all my devices (this doesn’t incorporate VLANs yet).

    Aruba AP Config:
    •IP is DHCP by MAC from pfsense {}
    •SSID1 distributes DHCP by MAC from pfsense to all my devices {}

    Pfsense Config:
    •WAN IP -
    •LAN IP -
    •OPT1 - Not in use


    Here’s my current setup with trying to tie in a VLAN and I’m not able to receive DHCP from pfSense, so no LAN or WAN connectivity. All the config s above are carried over to the VLAN setup.

    Aruba AP Config:
    ![alt text]
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Pfsense Config:
    -Parent Interface = mvneta0
    -VLAN Tag = 10
    -VLAN Priority = 0
    -Description = Test1
    •Interfaces/Interface Assignments
    -WAN = VLAN 4090 mvneta0 (WAN)
    -LAN = VLAN 4091 mvneta0 (LAN)
    -OPT = VLAN 4092 mvneta0 (OPT)
    -Test1 = VLAN 10 mvneta0 (Test1)
    -IPv4 Type = Static IPv4
    -IPv4 Address =
    -MAC Adress = not set (default)
    -Switch Port = not set (default)
    -IPv4 Upstream Gateway = None
    -Block Private Networks = Unchecked
    -Block Bogon Networks = Unchecked
    •Services/DHCP Server/Test1
    -Enabled = Checked
    -Range = :
    -All other settings are left at default.

    That’s my set up that is t working. Here are some additional screenshots from the Aruba setup that I have not configured as I have opted for Static Client VLAN Assignment. If I select Dynamic these would be the Config options.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @DaddyGo
    Can you help here?

  • @pi said in Help Config Aruba IAP VLANs:

    Can you help here?

    I have not worked with this HPE AP yet, so I have to read after
    (we mostly use Cisco and Ruckus APs)

    What I can already say is that, pls forget about WLAN devices on the LAN interface
    (not secure, the LAN most people use for "box" management only)

    There is an empty OPT1 interface, which will be an excellent option for a WLAN VLAN
    (or just a purely native WLAN interface, if you will not use OPT1 for other networks)

    I will try to review the description of HPE AP and we may find a solution...

  • @DaddyGo
    Thanks I will configure the OPT1 port and move the AP there.

  • @pi said in Help Config Aruba IAP VLANs:

    I will configure the OPT1 port

    this is fine in itself, but I will also follow the Aruba VLAN, when I will have time to read through it 😉

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