PS3 works one minute, not the next

  • So I have a strange issue that if I restart my ps3 too quickly I can't get connectivity from some unknown reason.  It's not that I can't get network, but I can't seem to get upnp to work.  I've got a static ip, manual outbound nat, and the IP is fine and everything but no dice.  I can't get signed into the playstation network. It tells me it's a DNS problem and I've seen differing results with the internet connection test.  Sometimes it won't even get an IP, sometimes it stalls on internet connection, sometimes it stalls on Playstation network.  All I see in the log is the following.

    May 22 19:31:43 php: miniupnpd: Starting service on interface: lan
    May 22 19:31:43 miniupnpd[989]: HTTP listening on port 2189
    May 27 20:22:09 miniupnpd[989]: received signal 15, good-bye
    May 27 20:22:09 miniupnpd[46638]: HTTP listening on port 2189
    May 27 20:27:36 miniupnpd[46638]: received signal 15, good-bye
    May 27 20:27:36 miniupnpd[47464]: HTTP listening on port 2189

    Any thoughts of things I can try?  More detail I could get?

    Configuration is  Firewall->zyxel switch->WAP-> PS3

  • Those log entries indicate that the uPnP service is restarting.  Something could be causing it to restart? Did you click "CLEAR" in the uPnP status page?  Or maybe something else

    Also you say you have assigned the PS3 a static ip but then you state you can not "Get an ip."  I have heard that uPnP requires DHCP so you may want to try DHCP instead of a static IP for your PS3.

  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    Well I should clarify that I have a static mapping set in the DHCP server.  It was my understanding from the other guides that you need to do that to set outbound static mapping. However I did make it outside the DHCP pool. (so for example I use a 10.10.10/24 I allow .5 - .240 for the actual Pool).  If that isn't correct, I can change it easily, however it does work for my xbox360

    I have hit clear to try and restart to see if that helps, but it doesn't.  Any thoughts?

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