Port forwarding problem

  • I have a simple setup

    LAN bridged to WAN(PPOE) dynamic address

    I have enabled my dyndns account in the relevant section

    I have tried port forwarding in the NAT section of pfsense

    I have also tried firewall rule on WAN interface to allow inbound to webserver address

    all to no avail.Ive had this working fine before on many different things like dd-wrt and ipcop

    so why wont it work?
    there must be something simple that i have overlooked
    that i cannot find on these forums

    any help much appreciated

  • If you use bridgeing you don't need portforwarding. A firewall rule permitting traffic on the dsired destination port is enough.

  • I bridged my LAN to WAN so i could use traffic shapping

    sooo to  enable my web server on LAN to be visible to the outside world  i add a rule for the LAN interface firewall?

  • No, you add a rule at WAN (you always add rules for traffic incoming at an interface). No need to add a rule at LAN for this.

    Trafficshpaing is not supported in bridging setups. This is a limitation. It only can be used between non bridged interfaces.

  • i couldnt get traffic shaping working unless i bridged them….....dunno why

    and i tried pass rules on WAN interface to allow in web traffic to server,no good

    im gonna have to start from scratch or install ipcop...........

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