Captive Portal PAT (Port Address Translation) support

  • Hi all

    We have the next scenario. An VPN private Network with access sites with routers wifi. The users have an IP address of local LAN via DHCP server configured in access router. Then the access router translate de N:1 IP addresses of the users to unique IP address of the wan interface (PAT).

    [[          Access Site                ]]  [[          PRIVATE NETWORK      ]]  [[              CENTRAL SITE                    ]]

    Users Wifi ))))  (((( router wifi (AP) <–----> MPLS VPN network <-----> router HQ <--> Captive Portal <--> Firewall -->> INTERNET

    LAN    PAT N:1  ---> CORE --->    !!PROBLEM!! with identifing users due to PAT in router access site.

    Because of this, when the traffic reaches the captive portal, all users are using the same IP address, the IP address of the interface WAN of the router access, and the Captive Portal is not able to identify sessions or connections of different users.

    Does anyone know if the captive portal is able to identify connections or user sessions under these conditions, via cookies or something
    like this?

    Thank you very much

  • Disable NAT on the wifi router and create a static route pointing to the ip of the wifi router for the wifi subnet.
    Basically convert the setup into a routed network instead of a NATed setup.

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