Multiple VLAN to 10G port

  • Hello everybody. I am trying out a load balancer multi-wan. My question is, is it possible to plug my WANs to my managed switch and trunk the traffic to the 10G port that will go to pfSense via VLANs(WANs) then to my LANs? I'm planning to slash down use of a quad port NIC and instead opt to a dual port 10Gb spf+.
    The switch I got is a Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM

    Also, will this have significant overhead/hardware load than popping in NICs? Though not really going for heavy use, just normal bandwidth lb/failover, and some site/dns blocking.

  • Hi,

    I don't see any issue with the intended setup. But, is this switch being shared with internal LAN? If so, triple review VLAN config to avoid security issues.

    Regarding overhead/hardware load between vlan or multiple NICs, I see no issues. Probably the amount of traffic passing through Pfsense will have hight impact than VLAN tagging.


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