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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode
    cpuid = 1; apic id = 01
    instruction pointer	= 0x20:0xffffffff80cadc57
    stack pointer	        = 0x28:0xfffffe00f21cfaa8
    frame pointer	        = 0x28:0xfffffe00f21cfaa8
    code segment		= base 0x0, limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
    			= DPL 0, pres 1, long 1, def32 0, gran 1
    processor eflags	= interrupt enabled, resume, IOPL = 0
    current process		= 12 (swi4: clock (0))
    trap number		= 9
    panic: general protection fault
    cpuid = 1
    KDB: enter: panic
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  show pcpu
    cpuid        = 1
    dynamic pcpu = 0xfffffe016f08b580
    curthread    = 0xfffff800049a2620: pid 12 "swi4: clock (0)"
    curpcb       = 0xfffffe00f21cfcc0
    fpcurthread  = none
    idlethread   = 0xfffff80004960620: tid 100004 "idle: cpu1"
    curpmap      = 0xffffffff834f1c40
    tssp         = 0xffffffff835a3338
    commontssp   = 0xffffffff835a3338
    rsp0         = 0xfffffe00f21cfcc0
    gs32p        = 0xffffffff835a9f90
    ldt          = 0xffffffff835a9fd0
    tss          = 0xffffffff835a9fc0
    tlb gen      = 151227
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  bt
    Tracing pid 12 tid 100024 td 0xfffff800049a2620
    kdb_enter() at kdb_enter+0x3b/frame 0xfffffe00f21cf7b0
    vpanic() at vpanic+0x19b/frame 0xfffffe00f21cf810
    panic() at panic+0x43/frame 0xfffffe00f21cf870
    trap_pfault() at trap_pfault/frame 0xfffffe00f21cf8c0
    trap() at trap+0x5d/frame 0xfffffe00f21cf9d0
    calltrap() at calltrap+0x8/frame 0xfffffe00f21cf9d0
    --- trap 0x9, rip = 0xffffffff80cadc57, rsp = 0xfffffe00f21cfaa8, rbp = 0xfffffe00f21cfaa8 ---
    _mtx_lock_indefinite_check() at _mtx_lock_indefinite_check+0x47/frame 0xfffffe00f21cfaa8
    _mtx_lock_spin_cookie() at _mtx_lock_spin_cookie+0xd4/frame 0xfffffe00f21cfb18
    softclock() at softclock+0xbf/frame 0xfffffe00f21cfb60
    ithread_loop() at ithread_loop+0xe7/frame 0xfffffe00f21cfbb0
    fork_exit() at fork_exit+0x83/frame 0xfffffe00f21cfbf0
    fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0xe/frame 0xfffffe00f21cfbf0
    --- trap 0, rip = 0, rsp = 0, rbp = 0 ---

    I don't recognize that backtrace and can't find anything similar in searches. Some sort of locking issue but not clear what it might be from.

    What packages are installed and running? What features are in use? What hardware is this?

    If it crashes again, post the backtrace. If it's the same then it may be a bug in the OS but if it's different that may imply it's hardware-related.