Port Forward working - but Plex states secure connections not possible

  • Hi pfsensers,

    Please someone help!

    I have set up pfsense upstream from my ISP router.

    2 NIC's -
    hn0 --> LAN
    hn1 --> WAN (disabled)

    OPENVPN client configured and working. All internal clients that have the pfsense router as default gateway goes via the VPN tunnel.

    Configuring port forward for my ports that are opened via the VPN service connects to the destination via telnet, and can see the connections hitting the PC behind it.

    Example: TCP port 32500

    Connected successfully from Internet to PC behind pfsense




    NOW, This seems all ok, but when pointing to Plex port 32400, it also conencts like this with a similar rule, but this is what it looks like:


    "Vern's Plex" is connected via same VPN provider but from windows client

    "VernplexTest" is behind pfsense

    I have tried the DNS-rebind setting suggested everywhere, but same issue.

    Any suggestions please