How can i export Stats in pfsense to outside some visualize tool

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    I am using 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1. I need to collect the information from Diagnostics/States/States for some particular IP like x.x.x.x. I can easily check the stats in pfsense , but if i want to export this data to outside or some tool (which can show the stats and count by live) ; what should i have to do. Can anyone provide any such tool or reference.

  • Like this ?

    munin - many others exists, is just an example.

    There is no pfSense munin package - but there is a FreeBSD 11.2 munin package - and there are some (ancient) forum messages that detail the install. They are still valid, as munin is running on my pfSense for many years now.
    It survives pfSense upgrades very well.

  • I use Zabbix on my home net, just because I feel like it! They have pre-built VMs you can start with plus a Sourceforge presence for user built plug-ins (templates). There's also official pfSense agents for Zabbix. Real PITA to set up (for me). Took about a week to figure out WTH I was doing.
    I'd upload a couple of reports, but PDFs aren't allowed.


  • I use Telegraf with Influxdb and Grafana because I wanted to. It all comes down to prefrence. If you can see it in the pfSense UI, chances are you can export it via telegraf.

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