Local device connects to VPN loses acces to devices on other VLANS

  • I'm just getting started with pfSense and so far it's been great!

    One problem I'm trying to solve is when a device on my network is connecting to a VPN through a software client like openVPN that device loses access to services on a VLAN.

    To give an example. When my main computer (VLAN 20) connects to Nord VPN through their client, I loose access to my smb server that lives on VLAN 30. I can still access other devices that are in VLAN 20.

    I'm guessing there is a configuration I don't have set right. Does anyone have ideas?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You would have to set that on the vpn client your running on the device, that has nothing to do with pfsense or your local vlans..

    Now if you setup pfsense to connect to the vpn service, then you could route traffic out to the vpn if you want, and allow access to your local network through pfsense.

    But once you run some software on your PC that says send everything to the vpn, then yeah you could loose access to your local network stuff - unless you allow for it on the vpn client your running.

  • Ok got it! Thank you. This is now a great reason to take the time and set up the VPN on pfsense.

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