Internal route showing offline

  • Hi
    Sorry I donot know if this proper forum to post this message. I am a new user to pfsense.
    I HAVE A PFSENSE 2.4.4 installed in a server with 4 NIC

    1. WAN
    2. LAN (private IP)
    3. DMZ
      4 WAN2

    LAN is connected to a SRX 240 in router mode (packet mode)
    SRX Port 1:
    SRX Port 2:
    SRX Port 7:
    With default gateway of the SRX to

    The default gateway in pfsense is for

    from SRX I can ping my LAN PC ( and pfsense (
    from LAN PC I can ping SRX ( and pfsense ( and can browse the internet with WAN IP.

    I cannot ping SRX ( from pfsense ( for the LAN PC (
    The internal gateway( is always showing offline.

    Can any one help me. So that packets can traverse both sides.