pfSense on libvirt/KVM on Ubuntu 20.04.1 - WAN interface locking up

  • Hi all

    I have run pfSense as a VM for many years and it has always been rock solid. Within the last month, I've started to have crashes of VM's on my hypervisor - fearing a hardware failure, I migrated everything to a new box.

    As I'd had problems with pfSense on the old hypervisor, I backed up the configuration, built a new VM from the ISO on the new one (using Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 and libvirt/KVM), and then imported the configuration backup.

    Whilst the VM works, I am having problems with the WAN interface "locking up" every few hours. I am using emulated e1000 NIC's in libvirt (same as I've used successfully for some time). Hardware checksum offload is disabled.

    When the problem occurs, I can still log into the pfSense VM from the LAN, and then in the shell if I issue:

    ifconfig em0 down && ifconfig em0 up

    (where em0 is my WAN interface) it all starts working again.

    This is not a solution though and not having access to the internet every few hours is painfully frustrating. Has anyone else seen issues like this, or any possible fixes to try? I've read about issues with RealTek NIC's, but my hypervisor machine has an Intel NIC on the motherboard:

    00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection I217-LM (rev 04)

    (I'm using VLAN's for the different pfSense networks).

    Any and all help appreciated!