PFSense OpenVPN on Proxmox issue

  • Good day everyone,

    I'm having an issue with my site to site vpn preshared key setup.
    My server is pfsense running on baremetal hp server hardware and been running fine for almost 2 years and hosts 15 site to site vpn instance with no issues. Now, I tried to setup a Proxmox VE server on a remote branch and created 2 VMs on it one is pfsense and one is a ubuntu vm running unifi controller. the problem with this particular pfsense vm is i get frequent timeouts on vpn tunnel whenever i ping to the remote network.

    Main Office Server
    Network Routed to VPN:,

    My remote branch PFSense VM
    LAN IP: connected to vmbr0
    WAN1: DHCP vmbr1
    WAN2: DHCP vmbr2

    Proxmox Setup
    3 NIC

    NIC1 =vmbr0 management IP
    NIC2 =vmbr1
    NIC3 =vmbr2

    vpnconfig2.png vpnconfig1.png Selection_035.png Selection_034.png proxmoxnetwork.png proxmox.png mainofficeping.png advancednetworking.png

    I dont know why it frequently times out when i ping both side. This is the first time I encountered this issue. Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

  • nobody ever experienced this issue?