LAGG & VLAN Setup Advice

  • Looking for some advice and clarification.

    I have my pfsense (3xLAN) in the basement connected to internet router
    I managed switches in the basement and attic with 2 LAN ports available for the trunk
    i have a media/nas server in the attic, while
    (all the media devices are connected to the basement switch)
    openwrt wifi access points connected to both switches as unmanaged VLAN configs

    all traffic has to pass through the pfsense to keep management simple.

    igb0 and igb1 are separate LAN networks with separate VLANs on each.

    It seems this is not the most optimal config under the use case and i would probably be better to use igb0 and igb1 in a LAGG config. I have the switches configured for the trunk and the server already configured in LAGG.

    My questions;

    1. should i use LACP or Load Balancing?

    2. How can i migrate the VLANs from igb1 to igb0 without losing all the firewall configs?

    3. How can i bring igb0 in to the LAGG without loosing all the configs.

    thanks in advance for the advice

  • If i understand correctly, LACP is preferable over static Load Balancing?

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