squid blocking things I want to access (access denied for inter-LAN devices)

  • okay, so I'm not totally sure what the heck is going on here, and its starting to enrage me given I don't know what the heck to change to fix this:

    short version: I have squid working as expected on my network for caching of internet traffic after long last, including SSL data also being cached properly, what IS NOT working now, is that everything else on my lan is now getting messed with by squid, for example, squid proxy reports, on my firewalls IP address, for this example firewall.home.lan runs on the web gui port now of 78, so my firewalls web interface is firewall.home.lan:78 to access the gui, squids proxy reports are on firewall.home.lan:7443 and for what ever reason, squid is now blocking access to that domain:port pairing, and I have no idea why, what the heck is causing this, anybody got any ideas? another thing its not playing nice with, is I have greenbone security manager running on a local esxi server, and for what ever reason, its throwing a tantrum about my servers SSL certificate in the respects that its flat out blocking my connection to it when using intermediate SSL settings in squids cypher suite, which it specifically states to use intermediate if you run into that issue.

  • @High_Voltage said in squid blocking things I want to access (access denied for inter-LAN devices):

    including SSL data also being cached properly

    "including SSL data also being cached properly"
    Can you test if nvidia updates (using geforce experience) are able to be cached?

  • @aGeekhere I cannot, not at the moment anyways, for some unknown reason, pfsense somehow of its own accord NOT BY MY DOING randomly began blocking facebook and twitch, and I was unable to figure out what the hell was going on, as when I finally starting to look into it, I somehow fucked everything up beyond repair, no idea what the hell happened there, but even disabling everything that COULD have been blocking it didn't fix it, and when I went to do a factory reset, I somehow broke shit even more, so I cannot, given that I had to fully "nuke it from space, its the only way to be sure" option and reinstall from the ground up, I am only just now getting my networking working in any stance of the phrase, and having to redo everything all over again, which is fine, frustrating as all hell mind you, but I had leftover manual tinkering attempts that finally got blown away from this, so its better for me in the end, but no, cause I have nothing of that old system currently installed at the moment, however I WILL be going back to that point, but it'll take me at least another few days to get there. I DID learn a lot from that first attempt beginning to end though, so it should take less time this time around, just a lot of shit to set up all over again. pardon my long ramble of a sentence, I'm also running on fumes from lack of sleep, body decided to hold me hostage for sleep last night. that ironically being after having a mental breakdown to the point of tears earlier in the day....not in the best of states right now to be totally honest.

  • FINALLY, THINK I GOT SHIT WORKING AGAIN...gonna test this now and see if I cant find out for ya if it works or not @aGeekhere will reply back with anything I can tell ya with any degree of certainty or lack thereof.

  • it is still not working properly it seems, as in, its not wanting to cache anything apparently right now, so I got more work to do yet @aGeekhere

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    you can get the refresh patten here https://github.com/mmd123/squid-cache-dynamic_refresh-list/pulls

    I know, I'm the one that made that repo xD

    No, the problem is I forgot it needs to be run in custom MITM mode to actually work with caching things properly, and by the time I realized that last night it was like 2am, so I went to sleep, I'll be back to work on it later today @aGeekhere